Design Center

Development of Market-leading Products

LG Hausys runs various programs, including the “Design Trend Seminar” and the “Trend Forum,” as part of our efforts to create products that not only lead the market but also set the trends that others follow.

DesignTrend Seminar

The Design Trend Seminar celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2015.
Over 800 designers and experts in related fields participate in this annual event hosted by LG Hausys to share information about sociocultural issues, customer lifestyle shifts, and current and future global design trends.
LG Hausys will continue to expand its presence in various areas including automobile, electronics, IT as well as interior design by keeping abreast of social changes and trends and applying these to product design and development.

Trend Seminar For Interior Designers &
Architects. Since 2000
Mega Trend Market


The Trend Forum provides a platform for LG Hausys members to analyze social trends relevant to each business division towards the realization of specific product concepts. For example, product ideas may be brainstormed and shared among the automotive parts division and related departments and engineers to garner constructive feedback from the different parties expected to be involved in the product development process.

Trend Book For Interior Designers & Architects. Since 2003
Open the Space 2004 Multi-physiognomy 2005 Occult Philosophy 2006 Return to the Core 2007 Equilibrium 2008 Consilience 2009 O_Renaissance 2010 Infinite Eco 2011/12 OReflection 2012/13 Chord Builder : Curation 2012/14 Chord Builder : taste 2014/15 ANIMA 2014/16