Research & Development

R&D Achievements

The LG Hausys R&D Center’s systematic approach to product research and development ensures we are consistently moving in the direction of maximizing customer satisfaction. As of 2014, LG Hausys had received nine certificates and awards, including NET and NEP. LG Hausys invested KRW 44.917 billion (1.59 percent of total sales) in R&D. We will continue to take ambitious leaps forward to become a global leader through research projects that result in the development of eco-friendly, safe, and customer-oriented products.

Materials Turning Nature into Living Space

The ZEA series consists of green interior design materials (wallpaper and flooring), which received top class (babyclass) certification from Oeko-tex standard 100.

LG Hausys has improved the thermal performance and durability of products by securing new material technology.

LG Hausys will enhance its capabilities in and expand utilization of fiber-blending technology while boosting PLA utilization and processing technologies.

*Oeko-tex Standard 100: A certification system for products in direct contact with the skin, such as clothing, bedding, toys, and interior design materials. The certification assures their non-threat to human health.

Efficiency Smart windows,Low-E Glass

LG Hausys developed single pane windows with first-grade energy efficiency through the effective convergence of IT technologies.

LG Hausys is developing platform technology for Low-E glass to create “super-insulated triple Low-E glass” that offers maximum durability and superior thermal performance.


LG Hausys successfully entered the eco-friendly automotive skins industry with our development of water-based coating materials for seat covering fabric.

LG Hausys will continue to create products infused with humanistic and emotional design principles towards our goal of becoming the global leader in the automotive skins market.