Research & Development

R&D Activities

LG Hausys launched its research center in 1989 as a processing technology research center. The institute undertakes R&D activities for the development of plastic processing technology and has recently expanded its scope to include research on natural, inorganic biodegradable, and composite materials.

R&D Activities Major Achievements R&D Scope
Energy Conservation
  • Low-E glass
  • High-performance insulation
  • Maximization of energy efficiency in buildings and window insulation
  • Insulation and fire safety
Eco-friendly Building & decorative materials
  • Green flooring and wallpaper
  • Utilization of corn-based polylacticacid (PLA) as a product safe for humans and the environment
Functional Film/Fabric
  • Transparent adhesive film and industrial adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive film
  • Eco-friendly Autoskin
  • Development of functional adhesive and laminating materials that offer greater convenience in everyday life
  • Development of durable eco-friendly and pollution-resistant fabric based on bio-based plastic to help reduce greenhouse gas emission
High-strength Lightweight Materials
  • High-strength lightweight Composite materials
  • Improvement of automobile mileage and fuel-efficiency