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2016 Photo Contest by LG Hausys

DATE : 16/05/2016






Terms and Conditions

· Entrants can only submit their own copyrighted works and will hold their copyrights even if their work wins a prize.

· LG Hausys may receive an exclusive license for the submitted photograph with unlimited period of use from the entrants, exploit (make, reproduce, and/or distribute) the work for marketing, sales and other purposes, and modify it in whole or in part for business-limited purposes. Photographs from entrants who do not agree are not eligible for a prize (including withdrawal of prize).

· When a copyright-related dispute occurs regarding submitted works, LG Hausys does not hold any legal responsibility (LG Hausys does not own copyrights of any entries).

· Winners must not act in a way of infringing on LG Hausys’ exclusive license by transferring economic rights of their works or giving the license to any third party other than LG Hausys.

· Constructed, altered or transformed photographs are not eligible for a prize. If the winning photograph is turned out to have been constructed, altered or transformed, prize is withdrawn and the winner must return any rewards to the organizer.

· All entrants must fulfill their obligation not to violate any third party’s portrait rights, moral rights, economic rights, and other various rights by submitting their photographs. If an objection or dispute arises regarding these rights, the entrant shall take all legal responsibilities, civil and criminal, and may be penalized according to relevant laws.