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LG Hausys Wallcovering New Product : Gracia Artium II

DATE : 24/10/2016



LG Hausys Artium II has vintage sensitivity of various patterns.
The harmony of European and Oriental style gives unique cultural sensitivity in the atmosphere.


Artium II has two main theme, Young Atrisan and Exotic Romantist




Theme I _Young Artisan



Young Artisan
Meet the new heritage recreated by the inspiration from the cultural traditions of Arabic.
Rebirth with a modern sense of all generations while cherishing its own identity through the ingenious touch of a master artisan.









Young Artisan _ Pattern


Hexagon Unit _ 83047
This is the decorative classic shape reinterpreted by modern design sensibilities.
This design is made up of three colors black and white, silver and gold.
Depending on light and the angle, the shiny texture in hexagon shapes stands out vividly and gives high quality to this wallpaper.
If you use this wallpaper with black and white furniture simple and modern, you can make the very stylish space.


Gradation Damask _ 83048
This is damask pattern of brand-new style with 3d effect and rich expression of gradation.
Light tone of the base makes the motif stand out vividly. And shading effect of the motif emphasizes the classic shape of the motif well.
Also, soft stripe line of the base appeals to young people interested in the modern interior style.
its various color ways can help you to decorate modern and unique space easily depending on the color of your furniture. 





Theme II _ Exotic Romantist


Exotic Romantist
The meeting of romantic ideas towards exotic cultures and trends dreaming of changes is realized as various design and space stylings.
The blending of the East and the West tells the newly created unique style. 









Exotic Romantist _ Pattern



Eiffel Tower _ 83054
This Eiffel tower expressed lovely can be used as the decorative element in your room.
You can make not busy and refined space directing by using its base wallpaper together.
Its set is made up of three color ways, white, light pink, and  light blue. It can be used in kids room also. 


Unique Note_83057
This collage pattern of global landmarks like real photo creates the unique and trendy space.
Depending on your taste, you can choose one among three color ways, mono tone of gold, silver and multi color.