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Exterior Foil New Technology by LG Hausys

DATE : 25/09/2017



Longer Guarantees with new technology LG Hausys exterior foil E300, E300plus

E300 Max 15 Years

E300 The newly released E300 features the upgraded top layer of transparent acryl film, which plays a significant role in weatherproofing performance. The UV-protection-level has been improved to 30GJ from the previous level of 20GJ, ensuring a 15-year guarantee according to European standards.
The color pigment has increased weatherproof ability as well, compared to the previous version, and the new HBF (Heat Build-up Function), which prevents deformation of plastic, helps to increase the life of windows/doors and buildings. Moreover, the newly developed base film with enhanced weatherproof ability and workability can be conveniently used without additional settings of processing conditions, for the product has been upgraded with the same processing conditions as those of the previous E200 models.
Differentiated design expressions are available, including diversified patterns, varied colors, and surface treatment for realistic textures of wood, stone, leather, etc., as well as excellent customization through color-matching services.

E300 plus Max 15 Years

E300 plus E300 plus has been designed with a totally new structure in order to overcome the limitations of weatherproofing performance and surface properties. The PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)-coated PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) film is applied to the top layer and PMMA to the base film, which achieves super weatherproof exterior foil with the minimum performance of 30GJ or more. In particular, the fluorine coating is highly resistant to scratches, pollution, and moisture. Because of these upgraded surface properties, E300 plus is recommended for exterior surface finishing materials.
The guarantee term has been extended by up to five years, which is applicable even to the Americas, Australia, India, the Middle East, and Africa, including tropical areas where a warranty was seldom given previously. A variety of differentiated designs are available to ensure a wide choice for customers.

UV Resistance 99.9% Max 15year Warranty for Discoloration ( Germany )

It can offer performance ability with the best UV resistance. This means you can get a better and longer color-retention ability. This is very similar to the mechanism for sun-block. Tiny particles are dispersed in the coating, especially between the polymer chains, protecting UV light. Therefore, the high-gloss color is barely changed and one cannot even be aware of the aging process

Heat Block Function Retain dimensional stability in U-PVC profile Minimize energy loss

Reflects infrared rays to lower surface temperature of laminated profile Optimized recipe against infrared rays through IR reflective inorganic pigment Retains dimensional stability in U-PVC profile, Minimizes energy loss ->Longer lifespan with energy efficiency

2018 Exterior Foil Design Trend : Refined modernity

The major trends of interior design in 2018 are expected to feature simple and modern styles based on solid colors.
The more moderate building exteriors with accentuated beauty of lines, profiles and doors have fewer details, including more straightforward designs. Though patterns are minimized, unique exclusivity is added by means of the texture resembling properties of nature with solid colors. As for the ever-popular wood colors, reality is maximized so that one can actually feel the texture of the fine grain of wood. Unique designs, previously seen only in commercial space, are still enjoying popularity, employing mainly gray and bronze color concrete, steel, stone, leather, and so forth.

Light Grey concrete GD801D8

Corten Steel G8201- F7

Light Grey concrete GD801D8

Saw Cut Ash G8101- G7

Bonafacio Oak G8001- G7

Modern abstract Concrete and Corten Steel are well-matched with the modernistic style industrial mood. New abstract patterns like Carbon and Leather are more unique style.

High-reality woods Natural Wood Designs from real wood textures of Oak, Pine, Walnut and so forth. Wood grain with high reality and a wide range of color variation. Oak with gray color has been very popular.

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