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LG Hausys’ Stylish and Functional Flooring

DATE : 11/04/2018

WOVEN Stylish and Functional Flooring LG Hausys WOVEN

The floorings are no longer just considered durability only, it has to come out with stylish design to set the space much more luxurious and sometimes efficiency and functionality can be first considerations. To cover up the diverse of customers needs, LG Hausys developed the high availability flooring products which can set up wide range of spaces.

The brand new functional vinyl flooring product, LG Hausys WOVEN(Sheet/Tile) is newly released to cover up mainstream of customers needs. WOVEN the quality of stylish fabric texture floor can be installed the range of areas such as commercial, hotels, offices and healthcare with utmost functionalities.

LG Hausys WOVEN(Sheet/Tile) is a customizable solution for your space. 3 patterns (Dots/Square/Neutral) and total 19 colors will let you free to design whatever you want.

WOVEN is composed with sheet and tile to improve usability. And also, you can cut the edge and available express other patterns such as triangle or diamond.

LG Hausys’ experienced technologies are embedded in WOVEN products. Especially, WOVEN is easy to clean through LG Hausys’ unique surface treatment system. Also, acoustic base layer design enhances comfort and performance with sound reduction.

Experience the luxurious space styling and sustainable functionalities with LG Hausys WOVEN. For more details about WOVEN, please download the leaflet below or contact us.

WOVEN Leaflet Download

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