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LG Hausys Design & Tech Tour

DATE : 12/04/2018

LG Hausys Design & Tech Tour. Asia2018 LG Hausys is going to visit design office to present our New Materials and New Technology. Philippines | 14th-18th May. 2018, Singapore | 28th-31st May. 2018

Connect Network, Meet New Materials, Enhance Design Knowledge, Experience Innovation

What is the LG Hausys Design & Tech Tour?

LG Hausys is going to visit your office to present the details of our interior materials. We decided to take a Design Firm Office Tour which is called ‘LG Hausys Design & Tech Tour - Asia 2018’. We will visit two country during May. 2018 as below.

Philippines : 14th-18th May. 2018
Singapore : 28th-31st May. 2018

The main purpose of this event is spread out our innovative technologies of living space and commercial space as well. Connect to our network and meet the whole new materials based on LG technologies.

Through this event you can enhance the design knowledge and experience innovations directly. Our wide range of interior materials can be flexibly used in much more projects than you expected. Learn our tailored interior materials and look for the design opportunities. Tons of successful case study will be presented to get rid of your design headaches.

Who can apply to the
LG Hausys Design & Tech Tour?

This event is literally only for the Design Firms.
If you are an Architect or Interior Designer from the Design office, please feel free to apply to this event.

How can I apply to the
LG Hausys Design & Tech Tour?

Please download below Application Form for this event. You can find the two multiple choice questions
which are about ‘Schedule’ and ‘Interest’. Please select the options for each and send it us.

The application form will be accepted until below date for each.
Philippines : 8th May. 2018
Singapore : 22nd May. 2018

After arrange all the schedule, the confirmation letter will be sent to represented applicant’s e-mail address. Please note that the minimum requirement participants per our visit is 5 people. And duplicate application from one company is absolutely prohibited.

Application Form Download
Which Contents are provided?

Mainly the innovative interior materials will be presented with successful case study.
Not only specialized architectural story also LG Hausys’s diverse business products will give you a brand new impact to enhance the design acknowledge.

If you have any questions, please contact us