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BLESS, The Deep Embossed and Especial Textured Wall Covering

DATE : 01/06/2018

The Deep Embossed and
Especial Textured Wall Covering

Touch the Sophisticate Texture

BLESS is the deep-embo wall covering series with diverse luxury designs.
Deep-embo technology make to available represents the distinctive texture.

The space decorated with delicate and sophisticated design will touch your emotion at the point.
Also, BLESS provides high grade of embossing sharpness with premium materials.
Through deep-embo technology, high class of scratch resistance is also provided with no worries for maintenance.

Zoom-In the Textures

Being Eco-Friendly and Safety

While we living the wall covering might be the most important part especially for Eco-Friend and Safety.
BLESS is the safe wall covering phthalate-free and also awarded OEKO-TEX®
Standard 100, class 1 for baby 0-3 years which is certified safety for baby.
BLESS will make you live in natural and safe with luxurious atmosphere.

Plenty of Designs

When the BLESS is designed we focus to set the atmosphere of space
in European style with luxurious texture.

As diversity was the priority during developed, finally 13 patterns with three or
four colors are launched to fit at diverse spaces. (Total 47 colors)
Click below to meet the total set of BLESS line up.