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Frankfurt Airport’s New Open Air Deck with HI-MACS®

DATE : 20/08/2018

Opening this Spring, Fraport AG, the operating company of Germany’s largest aviation hub, has opened an innovative roof terrace to the departure area of Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 1.

This new ‘Open Air Deck’ in the transit zone welcomes visitors with a dramatic view over the airport apron. Not only is the view spectacular - but the HI-MACS® furniture is an eye-catcher with an inviting seating area as well.




Organic design
for the outdoor furniture

The furniture for the 138-square-meter terrace was designed by the award winning ‘Studio 3deluxe’.

This rest area, used as a place to calm down in the midst of busy airport activities, features dynamic curved furniture and its design features were also adopted for the roof terrace. The organically-shaped bench seat made from ‘HI-MACS® Alpine White’ runs alongside the glass balustrade.



Meticulous design detail

The designers opted for HI-MACS® for the 20 linear meters lounge furniture.
The solid surface material is resistant to UV-rays, water and temperature
fluctuations. Hence the material will remain beautiful and durable for many years.

Besides longevity properties, the solid surface is also the only material
that had the ability to be thermoformed seamlessly and crafted exactly
the way envisioned for the organic furniture of the ‘Open Air Deck’.

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