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New Space

Modernized Comfort Hall in Strigino Airport. Light Accents by HI-MACS ®

DATE : 31/08/2018

As part of the modernization of the ‘Strigino International Airport’ in Nizhny Novgorod, in particular its new terminal,
the NEFA ARCHITECTS architectural bureau has implemented a project to equip the new ‘Comfort Hall’ of the new terminal.

The artistic image of space was built on a combination of a bright red-ocher color of the patina and an almost black surface of the blued metal. The
leitmotif of the design was a dark red, burgundy, brown scale of the old brick of the Kremlin Wall.


Limitless Possibilities
for Architects & Designers

Comport Hall and More Spaces
with HI-MACS


Comport Hall
Especial Coziness and Warmth

Sun's rays penetrate to create a special atmosphere
of coziness and warmth. And public niche furniture
provide even more comfort for all passengers.

Strong Direction Effect with Light

The finishing material HI-MACS is also applied in
the decoration of the reception, meeting and
escorting guests area where has to be catch-eyes
for provifing quality of services.

Project Information