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Smart Choice for Kitchen Tabletop Reliable Quartz Surface Viatera®

DATE : 25/10/2018

Viatera® quartz surface was chosen by interior designer Olesya Fedorenko for the implementation of the
“Tricolor kitchen” project in the Russia TV program “The Housing Problem”.

As the kitchen is the center of gravity of the whole family, it must fulfill not only its direct purpose, but be cozy and comfortable for
everyone bringing harmony and tranquility to the house.

Stylistically, the designer relied on classical founda-
tions, to which he added modern elements. The main colors in the decoration were three colors: gray, calm blue and white, which presented three
generations of the family. The division of space by color
gives additional depth and complexity, and the black line that runs along the entire perimeter and

separates the three colors determines the structure and orderliness of the interior. Also, she has diluted strict lines and smoothed them with irregular geometry of parquet layouts on the floor. This made it possible to visually expand the space and give it additional dynamics.

High Durability and Resistances
as Kitchen Tabletop


For kitchen work surfaces (tabletop and apron)
Viatera® Q5211 Willow White was used. Viatera® quartz surface
is durable, resistant to scratches, mechanical stress and impact.
The special quality of the binder in the composition of Viatera®
makes this material the best for kitchen spaces

Viatera® has a Barcol hardness index of 94, which is
the highest figure among all materials for worktops.

Also, Viatera® with the highest scratch resistance is
easy to clean from any contamination with warm soapy

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