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Augeo Art Space

HI-MACS® for Augeo Art Space, the centre of wellbeing which embraces art
  • Location Rimini, Italy
  • Design Yasmine Mahmoudieh, Studio Mahmoudieh
  • Material HI-MACS® Alpine White
  • Fabrication Dform Srl
  • Photo Credit Riccardo Gallini

Developed from an idea of the architect and designer, Yasmine Mahmoudieh, and from the conversion of the historic rooms in Palazzo Spina in the heart of Rimini, 31 January 2015 saw the inauguration of Augeo Art Space, a unique concept which ambitiously and creatively blends the sophistication of contemporary art with the world of wellness, to welcome guests from all over the world for exclusive events.

The Augeo project, commissioned by Sergio Antolini and his creative director, Matteo Sormani, will be reproduced in other major cities overseas. Divided into two areas, the art gallery and the spa area, it covers the ground floor and basement of the former Palazzo Brancaleoni, today known as Palazzo Spina.

The reason behind this choice is explained directly by project designer Mahmoudieh: “The space for the art gallery is dedicated to the imagination and to creativity and as a result it appears oneiric and abstract. The space for the spa, on the other hand, is real, physical, designed for the body and where the mind in particular can be allowed to wander freely, to relax after the concentration and tension of inspiration in the first room.” And from the moment you cross the threshold, Augeo is able to transport everyone into another world.

Project Gallery

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