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CEO Message

Dear Valued Customers,

Under our vision of ‘creating human-friendly, eco-conscious living spaces’, LG Hausys is constantly challenging and innovating with 'creation of customer value' as our top priority in business conduct. We will establish ourselves as a company that brings trust and emotion to our customers, by providing healthy, eco-friendly systems and solutions as well as products and materials that maximize energy efficiency.

Customer needs are becoming increasingly fragmented, and the standards they require are becoming higher. Advances in digital technology are accelerating this shift in customers and markets. If a company cannot lead the trend one step ahead, it won’t just fall behind, but actually fall.

This makes ‘customer value’ more important than ever, which allows the company to move the minds of customers by providing real benefits to them, not from the company's 'technology and products'. Although it is clearly a challenging business environment under the influence of various risk factors at home and abroad, LG Hausys seeks to overcome the crisis with ‘customer satisfaction’ management that provides value from the perspective of our customers.

We will focus on 'customer value' to overhaul our business processes and organizations, and pursue customer satisfaction first in all areas of business. For customer satisfaction, we will also actively incorporate digital technologies such as AI and big data.

We will endeavor to understand the customers’ pain points correctly and to find and deliver the value that the customers truly want, rather than their simple complaints. Through this process, we will expand products that reflect our customers’ core needs and provide experiences and service with utmost care, including construction and consultation.

We have established 'precise communication and sincere execution' as an organizational culture to immerse ourselves in customer value. Leaders and members will clearly have a consensus on the work to impress our customers and will execute 'immediately, surely, and until it truly works'.

Thank you.

President & CEO
Kang Gye Woong

(주)LG하우시스 대표이사 강계웅 사진
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