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G Hausys divides the global market into four zones: North America, Europe, China, and the emerging market. In each of the four zones we focus on conducting intensive market analyses to determine and promote the most promising businesses, building distribution networks, and establishing cooperative relationships with our stakeholders in those regions.

    Sales in China among total sales
    in overseas markets

    In China, our localization strategy highlights building materials such a s windows and flooring, and automotive skin. Our market share is growing as the Chinese market recognizes the remarkable eco-friendly quality of our products.
    Furthermore, we are reinforcing our ties with local retail channels to establish a local distribution network and to deliver differentiated value to customers from production to distribution.

  • US
    Sales in the North American market among total
    sales in overseas markets

    North America represents the world’s largest decorative and
    automotive materials market, and thus our localization strategy focuses on acr ylic solid sur face, automotive skin, etc.
    Our HI-MACS (acrylic solid surface) and engineered stone plant is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and our automotive skin plant was
    completed in 2016 to continuously expand our market share in the United States. In 2017, we established a sales corporation in Canada to solidify our growth momentum in the North American market.

    Sales in Europe and Russia among total
    performance in overseas markets

    In 2014, LG Hausys carried out various notable projects related to acrylic solid surface Hi-MACs, a finishing material favored by global architects. We also became the first Korean automotive skin
    manufacturer to obtain Oeko-Tex Class 1, which we expect will increase our exports to European automobile makers.
    Europe, which leads the world’s furniture market, takes up more than 50 percent of the global decorative film market (decorative surface finishes, etc.).
    LG Hausys carries out aggressive strategies to export its
    ecofriendly products into this massive market. We actively keep abreast of European market trends, making a conscious effort to introduce products into this market that reflect those trends. We also carry out ambitious advertising and promotional
    campaigns, and hold seminars for local customers in that region, to present information about LG Hausys' outstanding technology and design.

    Sales in emerging markets among total
    sales in overseas markets

    In emerging markets such as India, Turkey, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, the interior materials and home appliances markets are experiencing rapid growth.
    LG Hausys has introduced localized products into these markets that reflect the needs of customers in each country/region. In January 2015, LG Hausys also opened branches in Jakarta and Dubai, which will also be operated according to specific localization strategies.

    Major products
    • India: Finishes on home appliances, surface materials, sign materials, etc.
    • Middle East and Turkey: Surface materials, decorative materials, decorative films, etc.
    • Southeast Asia: Decorative materials, finishes on home appliances, surface materials, etc.