R&D Center

R&D Achievements

LG Hausys launched its research center in 1989 as a processing technology research center. The institute undertakes R&D activities for the development of plastic processing technology and has recently expanded its scope to include research on natural, inorganic biodegradable, and composite materials.

Major Achievements
Research Area Main Outcomes Research Priority
  • Low-E glass
  • High-performance insulation
  • Maximize the insulation of windows, along with reducing the use of energy in buildings
  • Secure insulation performance and fire safety
Eco-friendly materials
  • Eco-friendly flooring and wallcovering
  • Develop products safe for humans and the environment by using Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) made from natural derivatives
Functional fabric/film
  • Green fabric
  • Contribute to reducing GHG emissions by developing pollution-resistant, highly-durable and eco-friendly fabric through the use of bio-based plastics
High-strength, lightweight materials
  • High-strength, lightweight composite materials
  • Contribute to improving mileage and fuel efficiency by developing lightweight automotive materials and researching on the enhancement of shock resistance performance