The New Bathroom Accessory Collection

A splash of colour in the bathroom from Not Only White and HI-MACS®

Designed with hotel bathrooms in mind, the new bathroom accessory collection, Stages, which can be made in a wide range of HI-MACS® colours, is the ideal display for small soap and shampoo bottles and other accoutrements provided by hotel chains. The minimalistic organic shapes and pastel tones add an aesthetic and warm touch to a decor which is often considered rather ubiquitous.

Designed by Marike Andeweg for the Dutch design label Not Only White, the collection is simplicity itself. The new accessories are designed to complement their extensive collection of washbasins, also made with HI-MACS®, for a whole bathroom solution.

HI-MACS® is the perfect material for bathroom settings, with its warm, silky smooth feel. And the properties that make it so, also create a product which is incredibly durable, easy to clean, and totally hygienic.

  • Location -
  • Design Marike Andeweg
  • Material HI-MACS® Alpine White S028
  • Photo credit Not Only White

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Color of the above product can be different from actual product color. Depends on your country/region, sales range of products will be different.