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CEO Message

Min Kyung Jip
President & CEO

At LG Hausys, our goal is ‘creating human-friendly, eco-conscious living spaces’. We deliver eco-friendly and energy-saving materials and products differentiated for their unique LG Hausys design to set the trend of tomorrow’s living space. We aim to use our exceptional technologies and design capabilities to present flourishing living spaces that bring satisfaction to our customers.

Dear Valued Customers,

Firstly, please allow me to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your steadfast interest in and support for LG Hausys.

LG Hausys is Korea’s leading manufacturer of building & decorative materials, automotive materials & components, and industrial films.

We stand steadfast behind our vision in ‘creating human-friendly, eco-conscious living spaces’, and deliver products and solutions that are as eco-friendly and as energy efficient as possible. This is just one way that we position
ourselves as a company that presents a c redible and welcoming customer experience - from living spaces to moving spaces.

At LG Hausys, we are always on the watch to explore new growth drivers based on our key platform technologies. This bridges the spectrum - from automotive lightweight components, energy-saving windows,
and noise-attenuation flooring to high-performance insulation, acrylic solid surface and engineered stone.
In so doing, we make a pivotal push to fundamentally advance our business structure.

Furthermore, we are taking a proactive localization strategy by building new production bases to broaden our
presence in the U.S., China and other strategic markets. Meanwhile, we are fully tapping into emerging markets in India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia as we take a leap towards sustained growth in the overseas market.

We intend to revolutionize the current competitive landscape and to this end, our plan this year is to fully commit ourselves to enabling ‘manufacturing innovation’ so as to complete the advancement of our business structure.

The manufacturing innovation that we plan on pursuing in the upcoming years will extend beyond the production domain and will require full organizational alignment and commitment.

Our sales operations will move beyond the paradigm of mere revenue generation to reach into the discovery and elaboration of values that exceed customer expectation. Once such customer values are identified through sales
operations, these values will serve as the base of our R&D programs to fully utilize a range of innovative
technologies and expediently launch new products that are positively received in the market. Most of all, we aim to bring intelligent manufacturing to our shop floor operations. At LG Hausys, we refuse to deliver products that are simply standard or passable on the market, but rather strive to ensure that our products are recognized for their unmatched and inimitable quality.

We at LG Hausys will place the ‘creation of customer value’ as our top priority in business conduct and evolve into a company that truly creates flourishing living spaces. In this, we hope to promote harmony with nature and
communication with people through our relentless spirit of challenge and innovation.

Thank you.

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